Friends, Fun!

Finally a fun-filled game from the Caribbean, about the Caribbean! Test your knowledge of Caribbean culture, food, music, movies, history, and geography.

The Fête Story

Love the Caribbean? Enjoy Caribbean history? Love Caribbean culture?

Like any real fete, there are a couple of ways to have fun. The black cards are worth one point, and there is only one correct answer. The blue cards are worth five points, and the correct answer is the one with the most votes from those playing. Play with different people, and you will likely have a different favorite answer. The first player to 32 points wins.

Gather a few family and friends and get ready to fete!

Fête Card Game

$20.00 (sale $16.00)

Reminisce on the good times growing up Caribbean style or test your knowledge of Caribbean culture.
90 cards: 30 black / 60 blue
2+ players but the more the merrier